“I grew up on a ranch in Utopia, Texas with my pet deer Sandy. At bedtime I would dream of photographing wild animals in their natural habitats featured in the only publication delivered to our house, National Geographic Magazine.

A one-way ticket to Arizona enhanced this vision. I witnessed a locust invasion, pouring from the sky. My wipers could not keep up with the amount of insects hitting the windshield. Or the time I took a jeep trip into the Tucson Mountains where I observed a Tarantula invasion crossing in front of me – sadly, all of this without a camera.

But soon that all changed. Through lots of trial & error with equipment & some master classes along the way I became a self-taught photographer, visual storyteller, traveler & voyeur of the animal kingdom. I believe that animal photography is a powerful tool that creates a lasting impression of emotion, curiosity & hope.

My goal is: To give a voice to the voiceless; To see people relate to the natural world, to be less afraid of the wild and what it represents. We cannot take away the “WILDNESS.” For in that space we can sympathize with the animal & it’s requirements, it’s needs.

My mind, eyes and heart have been opened by these treasured encounters with magnificent creatures great & small. I hope that you enjoy them like I have.

My photography now hangs in several collections throughout the country.”


  1.  2020: Studio C Gallery, El Cajon, CA: a. Featured Artist (1 of 4)
  2.  2019: San Dieguito Art Guild, Encinitas, CA: a. 2 Best in Shows b. 2nd place Award
  3.  2019: San Diego County Fair Photographic Exhibit, Del Mar, CA: a. Donated Award from a Sponsor
  4.  2018: San Diego Public Library, San Diego, CA:  a. One Woman Photographic Exhibit
  5.  2018: San Diego County Fair Photographic Exhibit: a. 2 Honorable Mentions
  6.  2017: National Geographic 
  7.  2016: San Diego County Fair Photographic Exhibit: a. 2nd Place in the Bird Division
  8.  2016: State of California Senate: Certificate of Recognition
  9.  2015 Exhibited at CONTENTA GALLERY in SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO
  10.  2013: San Diego County Fair Photographic Exhibit: a. 2 Honorable Mentions
  11. 2013: Churchill Wild: Certificate showing that I survived a polar bear photo safari at Seal River Heritage
    Lodge on the untamed Hudson Bay Coast. Churchill Manitoba, Canada.