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THE UNTAMED ARCTIC – DAY 4 – The Final Hours – Polar Bear Sparing

This day will go down in my history as one of the most monumental moments of my life. First, I woke up and looked out my window & there were two polar bears sparing outside our lodge before breakfast. I only wish that this photo showed you the amount of breath that two polar bears […]

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THE UNTAMED ARCTIC – DAY 3 – The polar bear with the green stripe

This day started out as a normal day also until I saw a Polar Bear coming toward our lodge with a green stripe on his back. This was the same day I saw a white wolf in the distance on his way to catch a caribou.  He was too far away to get a picture, […]

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Betty’s 1st Wildlife Adventure in Montana – My Trip to the National Bison Range/Oct 2016

When I first arrived at the National Bison Range the first thing I noticed was an encompassing bold, bright sky & low lying yellow prairie grass. But that would be on the second day. The first day was different. After arriving in Kalispell, we zipped up our jackets bracing ourselves against 43 degrees of pounding […]

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There are varying opinions on Game Farms. Lots of them, not good.  So, when I decided to go to the Triple D, I traveled there with no expectations as I do with every trip I go on.  With that in mind, one can argue that no other subject is as challenging or as varied as […]

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THE UNTAMED ARCTIC – DAY 2 – Halloween Oct. 31

When I woke up, the day started out as any other, except we were in the Arctic & today we were going to walk with the Polar Bear for the 1st time – in 10 degrees below zero. 7:00 sharp – Coffee permeated the air & I starred out at the barren tundra waiting to […]

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THE UNTAMED ARCTIC – DAY 1 – On the way to Churchill Manitoba, Canada – Oct. 30

One would think that by going to the Untamed Arctic in Churchill Manitoba, Canada, which is on the west shore of the Hudson Bay it would be relatively simple, but here’s a recap of my journey & visit: First, I left from Dallas to Minneapolis by jet to Winnepeg, Canada where we spent the night […]

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