From the moment that I start to take an animal photo I try to stick by old-fashioned standards that many nature photographers have long since abandoned in the dawn of computer-generated images.

A purist to the end, Betty does not digitally manipulate her animals. She focuses on 3 main elements to capture the ideal photo: Patience, light and behavior.

Here are the most important factors that I’ve gleaned over time:


  1. To the sounds in the wilderness and be aware of your surroundings
  2. Respect the animal. you are in their space
  3. Listen to your guides. Your life WILL depend on it
  4. Be camera ready/carry two cameras and lots of batteries and cards
  5. Ladies – no animal attracted to the sparkle, may attack.
  6. NEVER get too close to a mother and her babies..
  7. Good lighting for the animal’s eyes is key to the drama needed in a wildlife photograph.
  8. Dress appropriately for the climate.
  9. Ultimately shoot for the Peak of Action

What I see for the future of my work: “I have the desire to see more people relate to the natural world, to be less afraid of the wild and what it represents. We cannot take away the WILDNESS for in that space, we can sympathize with the animal and it’s requirements, its needs.”

I am a purist to the end. One who does not digitally manipulate animals, I focus on three core elements to capture the ideal photo: patience, light, and behavior.