dsc_0967There are varying opinions on Game Farms. Lots of them, not good.  So, when I decided to go to the Triple D, I traveled there with no expectations as I do with every trip I go on.  With that in mind, one can argue that no other subject is as challenging or as varied as wildlife. Getting within picture-taking range of dangerous animals can prove difficult enough, let alone taking pictures of them, i.e. the Amur Leopard above. The Triple D Game Farm allows photographers to photograph their wildlife models in natural settings under controlled conditions. Most of the species available for photography are extremely elusive in the wild  & manydsc_0528photographers will go their entire lives without ever seeing, for instance, a Snow Leopard.  Jay & Kim Deist, the owners of the Triple D, have provided a tremendous service to photographers for over 40 years. Their location settings are ruggedly beautiful & designed to give you the best light of the day. But with that said, we had nothing but cold rain & 43 degrees to deal with for the entire week. And we were out on location about 5 hours a day. In that particular weather, lighting was a bitch. Know your camera. We drove part way to the sites and had to hike in the rest of the way, through fields, etc. The trainers allowed the animals to pose & perform natural behaviors that are extremely difficult to capture in the wild.  This still wasn’t easy.  Also, if the animal was not ready to be photographed, we were not able to photograph them either.  Jay’s motto was & is, “the animal first.” Many of these animals are used by Nat Geo Wild, etc. You’ve probably have seen some of them in the movies. We should all be as well fed & as well taken care of as these wildlife are. dsc_0217No doubt, there is nothing like being out in the wild. I love it!  But trust me, by going to the Triple D and having nothing in between you & these predators but your camera, you’ll still get a rush. They’re very close & capable of changing on a dime.dsc_0150


Great place to stay is Holiday Inn Express

Great Place to photograph wild animals, Triple D Game Farm MO

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