“Ever since I’ve known Betty (and that goes back decades), she’s always had a knack for creativity and an eye for composition. Once she and her camera became inseparable, I was privileged to see the consistent high quality of the nature photographs she was taking. From her breathtaking subdued light photo of a black panther with his eyes practically glowing, to the perfectly timed shot of a bald eagle in flight just as the bird and Betty locked eyes, to her dramatic photo of a swan gracefully gliding above a reedy marsh in the late afternoon light, I realized that she had found her true passion and calling. Just check out her amazing Arctic tundra pictures of a polar bear named Bob and you’ll see what I mean!”

– Terry Mullery
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Passion, creativity and a love for animals are what fuel Byrds Eye View Photography. They have already built an incredible gallery and we look forward to seeing what animals Betty photographs next!”

– Jake Loskutoff

“Wildlife photography is incredibly difficult. The subjects are often mobile and unpredictable. Betty has somehow found a way to capture moments with these animals, in a way that is both fascinating and mystifying.”

– Lizz Rantze-Loskutoff

“I am the owner of a beautiful horse named LEVI, a Gypsy-Morgan cross that I bred for over 8 years ago. He’s actually somewhat famous as he was the horse that debuted on The Bachelor a few years ago when one of the girls rode in on him on the first night of the show. He’s also been shown in a couple of bridal magazines and on the back cover of a horse magazine. I enlisted the services of Betty Byrd Photography when I decided to have some photos taken to build his portfolio. She was very professional and very brave, working with a horse she had never met. Betty was willing to actually enter the arena to take most of the action shots, where he was often running around, being his mischievous self. Her bravery and PATIENCE allowed her to get some amazing shots and produce quite a beautiful collection of photos.

Betty also took an amazing photo of our dog Gunner that I admire daily as it hangs on our family room wall. She has an incredible talent to capture the innate beauty of of nature and animals. I truly admire her passion for her work and look forward to working with her on future photography projects.”

– Ginni Bradbury
Escondido, CA

“Betty’s work is stunning. Whether she is capturing an animal in its natural habitat or photographing the animals at the zoo, you can see her compassion and love of the animal kingdom. Listening to stories of her adventures, you can feel the excitement of seeing a polar bear strutting across the tundra or observing a mother cheetah attending to her young. However, when you see the photos, you are suddenly there with Betty and the sea turtle exploring the coast of Bora Bora. With the click of a button she has a way of dropping you smack dab in the middle of pod of orcas. You get to experience the grace and beauty of these living creatures- great or small. You can see in her work, the talent, the passion, the inspiration and one can’t help but be mesmerized.”

– Kara A. Berke, DVM
Carlsbad, California

“Betty Byrd’s photography grapples me! Passionate about her work, Betty delves into the world of wildlife animals with extensive abandonment and propels you into the animal’s world. After seeing the Black Panther, I simply could not resist having him. Her photograph makes my senses come alive as I can feel the muscles burning as the panther stalks his prey with intensity in his eyes that he will be the eventual winner. Whether it be the fierceness of the lion, gentility of the bird, or playfulness of the bear, Betty captures the message in the moment. I look forward to owning another!”

– Subie Hazelton
Dallas, Texas

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Mrs. Betty Byrd and her amazing companion, Darth Vader, a big, goofy, gentle German Shepard. Her compassion for animals, shines through in her personal life as well as her professional life. Her photography captures the true soul and spirit of these magnificent animals. Many people never have the opportunity to experience the power of these creature’s presence, Betty’s work allows the viewer to emerge themselves in the moment, from the vibrant hues of a fanned out male Peacock to the piercing, golden eyes of the ultimate predator, the Black Panther. It takes a one-of-kind talent to seize nature in its true, raw beauty. Her timing, use of light, eye for perfection, and respect and understanding of her animal subjects is what produces her awe-inspiring images. Betty is a true talent, the art and animal community are undeniably lucky to have her.”

– Stacy Hollo, Veterinary Professional
San Diego, California

“I’ve known Betty for over 40 years. She has an affinity for animals and is instinctive in watching their movements, knowing exactly when to shoot that perfect photo.

I traveled with her to Churchill-Manitoba, Canada on a Polar Bear Photo Safari on the untamed Hudson Bay Coast. It was there that I saw the extent of her dedication to her profession. In 10 degrees below zero weather she walked amongst polar bears, tromped over the arctic tundra with 13 screws in her ankle, never faltering, always intent on keeping up with the group. Even when one of the polar bears lay down in front of the snowmobile, she kept clicking!!

Now that’s dedication.”

– Susan G. Naylor
Gold’ntouch Golden Retrievers
Boston, Mass

“I have had the good fortune to know Betty Byrd since we were children in Oklahoma City. Always interested in the arts, Betty has employed unique vision and attention to detail in her work as an actor and a writer. Looking through the gallery of wildlife photos at https://byrdseyeviewphotos.com/ I can see that Betty brings these same talents to her work as a photographer. I particularly appreciate that this portfolio includes such a wide variety of animals shown in their natural habitats. Log onto Betty’s website and enjoy seeing Polar Bears in “the Untamed Arctic”, Moray Eels swimming in the “Deep, Blue World”, endangered cats from around the world, and much more. Also, take a moment to read the short, entertaining descriptions which help bring each subject to life.

The landscapes and natural settings, which frame each animal, truly add much to each shot. Betty not only chooses to work in beautiful areas, but also makes certain that lighting and time of day work to enhance the animal being photographed. For example, one of my favorite photos, “Lovebirds”, focuses on two Barn Owls posed side by side looking very much at home in a mystical, foggy evergreen forest where just the right amount of sunlight filters through the treetops. So, I recommend that you get to know these incredible animals, but don’t be surprised if you decide to take a few of your favorites home.”

– Christopher Watts
La Mesa, California

“As a marine wildlife and coastal wilderness guide here in beautiful Sitka, Alaska, I enjoy the extraordinary privilege of sharing our wild paradise with folks from all over the globe. Most of my thousands of passengers take photographs; some of my passengers take good photographs, some take great photos… And then there’s Betty! Betty Byrd has an eye for photography possessed by only a select few; she’s a true professional, a master of the art of capturing wild images. Nailing the rare shot… when the boat’s rocking, the wind’s blowing, the seas are rolling and the often unpredictable animals are on the move, well…..that’s what separates the pros from the amateurs, the “ok pic” from the “WOW!” image; that’s where you’ll find Betty… “WOW”!!”

– Davey Lubin
Captain, Naturalist and Owner of Esther G Sea Taxi, in beautiful Sitka, Alaska