THE UNTAMED ARCTIC – DAY 3 – The polar bear with the green stripe

This day started out as a normal day also until I saw a Polar Bear coming toward our lodge with a green stripe on his back.

This was the same day I saw a white wolf in the distance on his way to catch a caribou.  He was too far away to get a picture, but fluffy & beautiful in a telescope.

But here’s the back story of the Polar Bear with the green stripe.

We had treked out to Eskimo Point the day before looking for bears when we saw a plane in the distance. Hanging from the plane in a large hammock was a polar bear known as a jail bird. He had been flown in from Polar Bear Jail in Churchill. Bears that go to Polar Bear Jail are much like juvenile delinquents. They come into town too much and will kill inhabitants that live in the town. Once caught, they’re kept overnight, then flown out to the tundra, as far away from civilization as possible, in hopes that they’ll find another life away from the town.

The next morning I stayed in the lodge for a while. I was the only one there. We had been told not to open the front door to the Eco lodge, EVER!. I can see why. The door was exactly where the above juvenile delinquent was headed. I was able to take his photo as he neared the door. He had traveled far & found his way to humans again. He proceeded to bring a large truck tire out from the shed and play with it. What a sight to see.

That afternoon we took a 4 mile hike to visit the Veteran as seen below. He could no longer hunt for food & was dying. His scared face showed that he had survived many a fight in his day.  This was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

That evening, we were all exhausted…..Dinner & bed came early that night.

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