THE UNTAMED ARCTIC – DAY 4 – The Final Hours – Polar Bear Sparing

This day will go down in my history as one of the most monumental moments of my life. First, I woke up and looked out my window & there were two polar bears sparing outside our lodge before breakfast. I only wish that this photo showed you the amount of breath that two polar bears can exude sparing.

After seeing the polar bears sparing & enjoying breakfast we were loaded into a open air train like vehicle and driven out to try & watch a Caribou Migration. The onset of the white wolf earlier told our guides that caribou food was nearby. The tundra is actually boring until you come upon one of the animals that live there.  We observed arctic foxes at play. They hop like kangaroo yet make no noise. That’s the scariest thing about these wild animals, when they walk they make no sound. You must rely on your eyes & instinct to keep you alive out here. We finally stopped as close as we could to the migration. I didn’t have enough lense to see it. Therefore, I have no photo to share..SORRY!..BUT I do have something else to show you. The afternoon was waning and we had to get back to the Eco Lodge before dark. The temperature was minus 10-15 degrees, & my hand & feet warmers no longer worked.  Out of nowhere, a polar bear came from the left side & walked right in front of us & lay down, blocking our way. Mike, the owner of Seal Lodge, both guide & driver sat silent. We couldn’t leave the trail or the bear would have attacked us, so we had to wait it out in the freezing weather. I really thought that I was going to die of hypothermia. In about 45 minutes Mike threw a rock into the bushes & the bear slowly strolled away. WHEW!

Dinner was CARIBOU BOLOGNASE!! What a dish, delicious! I’m sure you can find caribou meat somewhere, right?

The next morning I was teary eyed when I left the Arctic. So many adventures, such great people & great food. While walking to our bush plane a polar bear followed us, closely. Luckily, another polar bear in the distance looked like a good playmate so he sauntered off to him. Otherwise, we’d probably still be trying to take off. This trip will definitely rank up there with an African Safari….Try it!

And OH!! Let’s not forget the Northern Lights…

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