A message from Wildlife Photographer – Betty Byrd:

Betty ByrdHaving been an actor and competitive swimmer I realized life from only one side of the camera and from inside a pool. Later on these two skills prompted a burning desire to explore underwater photography, scuba – diving and writing.This, coupled with extraordinary animal experiences, grew into a passion for wildlife photography.

My story began in Arizona and California where my constant was the great outdoors.  As a young girl growing up in Scottsdale, I wish I had had a camera when I witnessed firsthand a locust invasion pouring from the sky. My wipers could not keep up with the amount of insects hitting the windshield.  Or the time I took a jeep trip into the Tucson Mountains where I observed a tarantula invasion crossing in front of me. And where was the camera again when a giant scorpion crawled across my living room? He was so large that the Desert Museum became his permanent home. Those I missed, but now, believe me, I’m never without my camera, and I’ve been so fortunate to travel to many great destinations around the world.

Please take a minute and enjoy some of the images that I have captured over the years. I consider myself very fortunate to have seen and experienced some breathtaking locations and amazing wildlife. It’s a pleasure to share these animals with you. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for visiting!

“You cannot share your life with any animal with a well – developed brain and not realize that animals have personalities.” -Jane Goodall

“Ever since I’ve known Betty (and that goes back decades), she’s always had a knack for creativity and an eye for composition. Once she and her camera became inseparable, I was privileged to see the consistent high quality of the nature photographs she was taking. From her breathtaking subdued light photo of a black panther with his eyes practically glowing, to the perfectly timed shot of a bald eagle in flight just as the bird and Betty locked eyes, to her dramatic photo of a swan gracefully gliding above a reedy marsh in the late afternoon light, I realized that she had found her true passion and calling. Just check out her amazing Arctic tundra pictures of a polar bear named Bob and you’ll see what I mean!”

– Terry Mullery, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA